Wednesday, December 25, 2013

About Me

Hi guys! Let me introduce myself!

            I’m a teenanger and GitaLovers. I was born in Malang, November 4th 1998. Do you want to know my name? My name is Balqis Wafiyatulwardah but you can call me Balqis. Like the other teenanger, I like online, travelling, listening to the music, and cooking. Then, how ‘bout my dreams? As a moslem, of course i wanna be in the heaven in next life. But as a human who live in the world, I wanna be a Chef or a success person.  
Now let’s talk ‘bout my favorite. Food? I like shrimp, chicken, fried rice, pizza, hamburger, etc. Then, drink? I like jasmine tea, chocolate milk, orange juice, avocado juice, and soursop juice. How ‘bout fruit? I like durian so much<3 and orange, longan, mango, mangoesteen.
            Guys, you know ‘bout GitaLovers, right? Yup! Gita Gutawa’s fans club. I like her so much so far from I’m in the 2nd grade at elementary school. I like her song, her voice, her tallent, and all ‘bout her. She also so clever. She’s my inspiration.

            I think enough ‘till in here ‘bout me, thanks for visit my blog and enjoy it guys! 

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