Saturday, December 28, 2013

Love in Perth

Guys guyss! Do you still remember with this  one? Yapp! Movie with Gita Gutawa as the main character. I wanna share about this bcause I couldn’t see this movie L Hmm ok let’s read now!
Love in Perth is a 2010 Indonesian film. Starring Gita Gutawa, Derby Romero, Petra Sihombing, and Michella Putri, it tells the story of Lola, an Indonesian student studying inPerthAustralia, who falls in love with another Indonesian student, Dhani.

Lola (Gita Gutawa), a shy 16-year-old Indonesian girl, receives a scholarship to study at a famous high school in Perth. At first, she becomes friends with her westernised roommate Tiwi (Michella Putri); Tiwi later comes to hate her. Lola also meets two fellow students, the friendly and helpful Ari (Petra Sihombing) and the aloof Dhani (Derby Romero).
Although at first they fight incessantly, Lola becomes increasingly intrigued by and close to Dhani, eventually falling in love with him. Dhani, however, uses her for his own pleasure. As she pushes Dhani away, Ari falls in love with her. As Lola and Ari become increasingly close, Dhani becomes jealous and attempts to ruin their relationship. Eventually Lola becomes disheartened and decides to leave Perth, causing Dhani to attempt to woo her back.
Love in Perth was produced by MD Entertaintment, as represented by Dhamoo and Manoj Punjabi. After the script was refused several times by directors who said that it was too difficult. Eventually, after script changes Findo Purwono HW agreed to direct.[1]
Gita Gutawa, a teenage singer, was cast in the leading role of Lola. Gutawa, who had previously voiced a character in Meraih Mimpi (Chasing Dreams, an Indonesian remake of Sing to the Dawn), said that the character fit her well. However, she noted that it was a challenge, saying that she had to practice extensively in front of a mirror for a scene in which she had to cry. It was her first feature film role. The leading male role of Dhani went to Derby Romero, who had previously starred inPetualangan Sherina (Sherina’s Adventure) as a child and was well known as a singer.[2][3] Gutawa, Romero, and fellow cast member Sihombing provided songs for the soundtrack.[4]
Love in Perth was shot mainly in Perth.[2]

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